What is Friendship???

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What is Friendship???



A really nice question “what is friendship???” once you go to find out the answer then, you can write a book on this tiny word. in my view, friendship is that relationship in which your emotions bound you permanently. it is totally different than other relationships you have.

you know what, we can not live carefreely and frankly with our siblings and relatives but with friends. They won’t leave us to stay quite but cheer us up. Numerous qualities are essential for a true friendship, including genuineness, reliability, un-waveringness and unqualified acknowledgment. A friendship should make the two individuals in the relationship happy; the two individuals should have some good times when they get to know one another. To get directly to the point, that is a difficult request. Individuals can conflict effortlessly, which is the reason it’s hard for a few people to keep up numerous friendship. It’s conceivable that friendship can exist between two people at one phase of life, however, life changes and self-awareness may make companionship unimaginable at another stage. It can be difficult to meet the general population who might make the best friend.

friendship is not about the numbers of friends you have but it is about the quality of friends, yes,  you may have numerous Facebook friends but in reality, they are only added to your profile not actually friends. friends are those with whom you share your each secret and everything. good friends are really hard to find but, they are firm supporters of life because they teach you that how should you live and what is better and worse.

let me give you a trick to find the best friend. Hazrat Ali R.A said, “Once you do something wrong, and your friend feels anger and stops talking to you! but after sometimes he returns, teaches you the right, and starts talking Back, get it! HE IS YOUR REAL FRIEND, never let him go in any condition”  

you are better aware of your companions. But the true friendship means a cup of care, love, fun, and emotions shared by two individuals together!!!

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