What Is Sarahah and Why Everyone is Talking About It?

What Is Sarahah and Why Everyone is Talking About It?

Have you listened about the Sarahah application? Well, if not then you are truely missing the real fun of welcoming another one of the best applications in your town city of social networking. Do you want to know what Sarahah application is all about?
The sarahah app is all about giving the users with the freedom of getting in touch with each other through the means of messages. You can easily send the anonymous messages to each other. This application has so far millions of users and since the last few weeks, this application is on the top of the Apple Application Store Line.

Right through this application, the users, will be able to get a quick know how about their honest feedback of what people think about them. In Arabic the word Sarahah means, honesty and candour.
This application has been created by the developer from Saudi Arabia called ZainAlabdin Tawfiq. In short, this application ws build up with the aim of discovering the weaknesses and strengths of yours through connection with the friends by getting into the private manner.
How Sarahah Performs Its Functions?
As you will download the application, you will be setting up the account for the purpose of start receiving the messages. You will be sharing your profile along with your friends and social media accounts so that they can easily send you with messages. New messages will be appearing on the feed box of the application that is further set with the features of being favourited, forwarded or deleted. You can block any user who will send offensive messages.
If you want to know what your friends think about you, start using this app right now! You would be finding it so entertaining!

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