WhatsApp: Dark Mode, Preventing Spam Invites, Search Image Feature |2022

WhatsApp Being the most popular messaging app, right not to mention to maintain its lead. The company has kept on adding new features to the app for the past few years to remain competitive. And you know what WhatsApp has no plans to slow down just yet in this video. We tell you about some of the key new features that WhatsApp has to offer. Before getting started, I would like to add that to use these new features. You need to download the latest version of WhatsApp beta there’s a unique privacy setting and invite system that allows users to have more control over the group messages.

They receive this new setting also helps to restrict the joining of new groups on WhatsApp to enable this function to go to settings. Account Privacy groups and from here. You can choose between three options:

  • everyone,
  • my contacts,
  • And nobody.

By selecting nobody, the person inviting you to a group will be asked to send you a private invite to an individual chat. The private invite will expire three days after it’s received. If you select my contacts in only users that are in your address book, we can add you to a group lastly. If you choose everyone’s in, this option won’t add any restriction on any user that wants to add you to a group. Help send us to know how many times their tent message has been forwarded.

So let me break this down say you received a letter from user 8, and then you decide to send that received message to use a beam. Now, after forwarding, when you long press on the news and up top click on the eye icon, then you’ll be able to see the number of times a message has been forwarded, however, if you receive a forwarded message that has been sent to multiple users. You cannot check the number of times. It has been sent.

Additionally, the frequently forwarded that which was bought it recently for messages that have been submitted. More than four-time is nowhere to be seen in the latest beta bill. It was supposed to download the entire sticker back even if the person just wanted to use a single label from that time. This change is now to download a single sticker open a chat and go to the WhatsApp sticker store.

Far long press on a sticker in a not yet downloaded speaker back. You will get a prompt asking if you want to add the label to favorites select apps, and your speaker will be added without even having to download the complete stick. Back Launched by Proto any media Skilling start of the new checkpoint tip line feature will help create a database of rumors to study with information during the election. So say you have received a message from you so that you think is the misinformation or a rumor then in that case you can share that message with the tip line on nine six, four three zero zero zero eight eight eight further produce verification Center will seek respond and inform the user typically made in the method shared is verified or not. The response will indicate if it classified as true false misleading disputed or out of scope and include any other related information that is available.


Over the last week, traces of dark mode have been spotted on WhatsApp be doubled to point one. Nine point eight two and in two-point one nine-point eight seven in version 2.1 9.8 to the dark mode was only implemented in the settings menu. Still, as seen on 2.19 .87, the dark method has been applied onto the profile section as well dark mode feature is still not available for users. Not even for those with the beta version installed, but we rest assured the new Is under development and should be available sooner than later. Kris is of fingerprint authentication feature for Android has been spotted in WhatsApp beta 2 .19 .38 triple the speed charts show how the authentication feature can be enabled in the settings and what the interface will look like this new feature will let WhatsApp users lock your account and unlock this using fingerprint authentication again, we are not sure when this feature will be rolled out for Android users. Notably, iPhone users already have the function in the stable version of the IOS app.

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