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Whatsapp Introducing New Message Options Soon in 2022


Whatsapp Introducing New Message Options 

Watsapp is planning to please their users and preparing to offer its users an easy way of ignoring the rubbish things, users don’t want to see. It will only let the users see things they want.

It is reportedly working on a system name ‘’ Notification Channel’’ which categorizes the incoming messages into parts.

Whatsapp Introducing New Message Options

Whatsapp currently is supporting 10 notification channels: Group notification, message notification, message notification, chat history backup, critical app alerts, failure notification, media playback,

These all notifications have multiple settings which are controlled individually. This means you can keep regular messages on first priority and group messages on low priority and then disabled Chat backup messages.

If you are irritated from some type of notification coming from Whatsapp and you can’t recognize which one that is, you have now a solution to manage things. When you get a notification on your mobile phone, just tap and hold it and you will see a disabled option. If you only want to change the priority, you have to tap on ‘’ All categories’’, which takes you to the setting screen above and you can enable or disable things of your own choice.

This is very helpful in getting rid of notification that irritates you. It also removed the option of hanging on call after audio call to make a video call.

You don’t need to end your audio call to make a video call again. If you made an audio call to someone and you want a video call during that audio call you simply have to switch on the video. When you tap the video button, a request will be sent to the other call party and he or she can accept or reject that request.

Now come to the basic point of Watsapp that you can change settings of your choice, which means you can mute one that are annoying you and make sure you can see important messages.

You can make changes to group notifications, message notifications, chat history backup, critical apps alerts, failure notifications, media playback, uncategorized, other notifications, sending media and silent notification as discussed earlier. You can mark some of them as urgent which means message will be shown on the screen and it will make a sound.

High profile messages will make a sound, medium which are silent but show a message on screen and low priority which does neither.

Notification Channels may not be officially released in these days as they are available on the beta version of the apps. If you are the user of Watsapp beta test scheme, you can try this new feature by tapping notification settings.

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