Will Brokers having distinctive footstep noise trigger issues for aggressive Valorant? Envy’s Victor appears to imagine so

One of many options that makes Valorant such an immersive expertise for gamers is the distinctive audio cues that Riot Video games have crafted for each single facet and factor within the sport.

Considered one of these components is the Agent footsteps, and every Agent within the sport makes a definite sound once they stroll, and the magnitude of the noise created additionally will depend on how seemingly heavy the character is.

For instance, the cumbersome twins of Brimstone and Breach have noisier footfalls than Jett. Nevertheless, it’s essential to needless to say these distinctions aren’t too large.

So, within the warmth of battle, with so many skills and bullets flying about, footfall distinctions are infrequently helpful, and this truth is particularly true in solo-queue video games.

Nevertheless, there are conditions within the skilled echelons of Valorant when Agent footfall distinctions are given some significance.

In a current tweet, Group Envy’s Valorant professional Victor “Victor” Wong (beforehand glided by the ign of “meals”) opened up about why he feels distinct agent footfalls can have a big affect on aggressive Valorant.

He wrote:

“Anybody else thinks this is a matter? Every agent has a definite footstep noise with the obvious examples being Breach/Brimstone. and this may be fairly essential primarily based on the way you research a crew and their defaults/setups as a result of you’ll be able to determine them in case you pay attention for an agent.”

Skilled Valorant depends a terrific deal on crew synergy and the way properly the squad is executing methods for each map. Therefore, enemies gaining preemptive information about enemy Brokers’ location will in the end damage a crew’s possibilities.

Are distinct Agent footfalls a giant evil in Valorant?

Although Victor might need some extent from his perspective, nonetheless, not lots of people agree with the truth that Agent footfall will drastically have an effect on skilled play.

There have been many within the remark thread who felt that although the excellence is there, it’s very arduous to level out, and can infrequently hamper a crew’s technique simply because one of many bulkier Valorant Brokers had a slight misstep.

Even Group Liquid content material creator Common Jonas went to the extent of claiming that footfall distinction:

“It simply provides one other ability hole. As a musician and sound editor I take delight in each little bit of knowledge I can assess from sound cues and I feel it provides depth to the sport.”

Although the Agent footfall debate is kind of fascinating, there isn’t any single reply to it, and solely time will inform if in any respect this could create vital points in Valorant’s professional play sooner or later.

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