Women Breaking Barriers in Freelancing – Meet Sadaf Sarwar

Women Breaking Barriers in Freelancing – Meet Sadaf

Freelancing is a fast growing profession

Freelancing is emerging as a fast growing source of income in the economy. Many people, today, are choosing to freelance as a choice more than a necessity. They want to work with some diversified portfolio of clients rather than working for just one client only because it seems much secure and reliable option to them. The innovation of technology has made it easier for a freelancer to find work online while sitting at home. Many women have stepped into this career because of the flexibility it offers to them.


Increasing trend of Freelancing in Pakistan

Pakistan is now in the list of the 4th largest country which is using freelancing websites having more than 860,000 users on these freelancing websites. As different Pakistani women hold diversified lifestyles, freelancing is now becoming a major option in making them earn independently while sitting at home and providing with the facility to cater their needs. For women who want to become entrepreneurs, freelancing provides them with the choice of looking for reliable, high-quality freelancers who can help them in establishing their own businesses. The key benefit of freelancing is that these websites allow and encourage remote working where gender does not matter like it does in the physical economy.

Sadaf – Source of Inspiration to many women in Pakistan

Sadaf is one of those strong, focused and dedicated women who keep on trying for the better, secured and bright future for them where they don’t have to depend on someone else for their day to day needs. Sadaf holds an inspiring story that led her towards a successful freelancing career.

She started her basic education from the RAKAN School and after completing her studies there, she got higher education and graduated with arts subjects. During her academic career, Sadaf was a much talented, bright and outshining student who used to actively participate in every activity of her school. Because of her active participation in every activity, she won various medals and other such prizes during her school life. After completing her education, she did many computer courses and learnt how to work on computer.

Sadaf is a kind of girl who wants to have an independent life for herself where she has an opportunity to catch the chances that knock her door. One day an opportunity fell in her way when she read in the newspaper about some job where she had to write 5 articles a day for 4000 Rs per month. She knew she was settling for less, but at that time it was enough for her to step into a professional life. So she agreed to the job and did that job for about one and a half year. Further, she tried her luck in other online jobs and after gaining some experience she joined Fiverr in 2015. It was the time when her life took a new turn and she started making progress in the field of freelancing. Now, Sadaf, being an inspiration, is a successful freelancer and have a long list of clients for whom she works.

Yes you can

Yes, like any other girl, she faced a lot of criticism while joining this career. A lot of people around her used to believe that these kind of websites are nothing more than a scam. But, with the support of Family, Sadaf, with her commitment, proved them wrong and made her name in this field.

Sadaf truly believes in hard work and continuous struggle. She suggests that all of the women should keep trying because there’s nothing that women can’t do. She never gives up and advises everyone to follow their dreams until they reach their goal.

Now, not only her parents but her entire family is proud of her struggles.

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