World Best Jazz Call Packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly |2022

Are you a user of jazz and you are waiting for jazz new amazing call packages? Jazz has maintained market leadership and customer service since two years ago. Jazz launched new call offer to its customers, the company also has a wide range of call packages to customers including students, workers, housewives, businessmen and more. In this article, we are looking about jazz new call packages, Jazz Daily, Weekly, and Monthly 2022.

Following are the jazz Call Packages Daily, Weekly, and Monthly:

Jazz 4G SIM Offer

Jazz 4G SIM offer provides with a bundle of free call minutes. Following are the benefits of jazz 4G Sim offer:

  • 400 Free On-Net Minutes
  • 400 Free SMS
  • 4000 Free MBs
  • Validity days is 7
  • Price is 0
  • If you want to subscribe then dial *443*30#


Jazz SIM Lagao Offer

This is another great offer from Jazz users. As soon as the jazz users start using the Jazz SIM and they will get the following offers including Jazz call package and minutes.

  • 3000 Free On-Net Minutes
  • 3000 Free SMS
  • 1500 Free MBs
  • 30 days of Validity
  • Price is Rs 0.06
  • If you want to subscribe than dial *551#


Jazz Sindh Package

Jazz also have designed Sindh package for people those who is living in Sindh.

  • 200 Free On-Net Minutes
  • Validity is for 1 day
  • Price is 7
  • If you want to subscribe dial: *522#


Jazz Punjab Package

This is another offer for Jazz free on-net call minutes to the people living in Punjab, the same thing applies here, and users cannot be able to make calls on different networks with this jazz Punjab package.

  • 100 Free On-Net Minutes
  • One day Validity
  • Price is 2rupees
  • If you want to subscribe than dial *6000#


Jazz Day Bundle

Jazz day bundle is one of the best for users who like to make longer calls all day long on the same network, in this offers users use 10000 minutes for the whole day.

  • 10000 Free On-Net Minutes
  • 150 Free SMS
  • 20 Free MBs
  • Validity is 1 day
  • Price is 10 rupees
  • If you want to subscribe than dial *340#


Jazz Super F&F Package

Jazz super F&F packages are also available for Friends and Family members, if you have added Friends and family on your list you can make unlimited calls to these users for the whole day.

  • 100000 Free On-Net Minutes
  • 100000 Free SMS
  • Validity is 1 day
  • Price is 10 Rupees
  • If you want to subscribe than dial *141*F&F_Number#


NOTE: Terms & Conditions may apply

If you are using jazz than you must know these important notes Taxes may apply to each package. There will be no subscription charges for these packages. All the call packages do not include international calls. And the Zero balance does not automatically de-activate the package.

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