Xiaomi Mi HiFi Hybrid Flagship Earphone-2022

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Good news for Xiaomi fan did you hear Xiaomi has announced Mi HiFi hybrid flagship earphone. This new earphone is much perfect than the previous HiFi earphone. Mi HiFi hybrid flagship earphone reflected its features, and according to price, it is a perfect one.

Xiamoi HiFi Hybrid Flagship Earphone Features:

Xiaomi HiFi Hybrid Flagship Earphone has 4 drives:

  • 2 x dynamic driver units
  • 2 x balanced armature units

The Xiaomi HiFi Hybrid Flagship Earphone has two stable armature units, and it is placed before the magnetic units.

Xiaomi Earphone is used silicon layer the result will increase the durability and long-lasting. This will become an earphone produce perfect mid and bass range. Xiaomi earphone best features is its gold-plated MMCX connectors with very thick coatings. These new HiFi Hybrid Flagship Earphone connectors improve the connection, durable, long-lasting, and with four times insertions of MMCX connectors. It is mean the connectors will make it easily replaceable if they get damaged and break.

Xiamoi HiFi Hybrid Flagship Earphone Sound:

Now, we can tell you about the sound quality of Xiamoi HiFi Hybrid Flagship Earphone. The sound is made up of Zirconia, which means it is highly durable, and you can hear so correctly and clear.

Xiamoi HiFi Hybrid Flagship Earphone Design:

Xiamoi HiFi Hybrid Flagship Earphone has been designed to work in both:

  • Wireless mode
  • wired mode

So, HiFi Hybrid Flagship wireless mode is to plug with Bluetooth DAC amplifier is supported with Hi-Res SBC, LDAC, and AAC. And in wired mode earphones is to decide bundled 3.5mm jack cable, or you can use USB type cable. The wires are made up of silver-plates copper wire.

Xiamoi HiFi Hybrid Flagship Earphone Price:

Xiaomi HiFi Hybrid Flagship Earphones are already available on Mi.com up until November 10, 2022. And it will be available for the purchase on November 11, 2022.

Xiaomi HiFi Hybrid Flagship Earphone price is ¥999, and those people who want pre-order it will have to pay an amount between ¥100 to ¥400. It should be paid between 5 PM on November 10, 2022, and 4:59 on November 11, 2022. Those people who are living outside China can order it from Hifigo.com.

Xiamoi HiFi Hybrid Flagship Earphone Inside the box:

Xiamoi earphone box inside you will get:

  • you will find the earphones,
  • One x short 3.5 mm cable,
  • One x long 3.5 mm cable,
  • One x Type-C audio connector cable,
  • One x Bluetooth adapter,
  • Four pairs of silicone ear tips,
  • Two pairs of memory sponge ear tips,
  • One x earphone case,
  • One Type-C charging cable,
  • One pair of ear hooks,
  • User guide book.



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