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Zong eCare | Activate Any Package in Seconds

Zong eCare: The new web portal has been launched by Zong with the name of eCare. 

All you need to know about the services this portal provides is in this article below. 

Zong-E-care Zong eCare | All you need to know

Through the use of Zong eCare, you can easily get all the help you need about your personal sim network. Some of the services provided by Zong eCare are mentioned below: 

  1. Charge your balance through Zong card bought.
  2. Charge your balance through your Debit/Credit card.
  3. Charge your friends’ balance through your account.
  4. Share balance with your friends.
  5. Check details of services activated on your number.
  6. Activate new services. 
  7. Deactivate some services.
  8. Check call history details. 
  9. Check balance available. 
  10. Number blocking service.
  11. Changing/allowing FnF numbers
  12. and many more services available through this Zong eCare web portal. 

Zong eCare web portal has eased the access to, literally, everything related to your sim card. You should at least for once, check out these services provided by Zong. 


Now the question arises that how to signup on this eCare web portal. No need to worry, we got you covered with this. Just follow these simple steps as mentioned below: 

  • Go to this link | Zong-eCare-by-Shspot.com |
  • Give your number and type the security password. 
  • Click log in.
  • Zong will send a PIN to your number. 
  • Write that PIN in the window that appears. 
  • Type the security password again. 
  • There you go, you are logged in to your SIM ACCOUNT. 

Disclaimer: Do not give your PIN to anyone in any case or your sim might get blocked. 

We hope this article will help you a lot. Say it all with ZONG. 

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