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Zong Releases its first Corporate Social Responsibility Report

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Zong Releases its first Corporate Social Responsibility Report

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Zong has discharged its first Corporate Social Responsibility Report. While the organization has occupied with CSR exercises as far back as its origin, this report denote the first occasion when it has formally arranged its endeavors. After the organization rebranded itself a year ago, it made corporate social obligation a center some portion of its more extensive vision.

This year, we plan to expand on our prosperity and take these associations for social incorporation to the Following level. ‘A New Hope’ is our dedication to being the change by working with all Pakistanis in areas that effect the lives of a huge number of Pakistanis. Here’s an expansive diagram of the six principle regions in which Zong has directed CSR action till date.

Representative Volunteerism

Adjusted to Zong’s ‘A New Hope’ reasoning, it expects to time no less than 2000 hours of deliberate administration in association with associations that effect the lives of millions in Pakistan.

Fiasco Relief

From 2010-2013, Pakistan was hit by a portion of the most noticeably awful flooding it had ever observed. Zong workers led help endeavors and gave sustenance, apportion and therapeutic supplies.


Utilizing the force of innovation and network, Zong is banding together with organizations that utilization brilliant human services answers for help minimized individuals in Pakistan.


Encouraging training through ICT has dependably been an objective of Zong. To this end, they’ve banded together with driving schools and colleges crosswise over Pakistan.

Social Welfare Initiatives

Zong is working with the Red Crescent Society in a far reaching social bolster program that goes for social consideration through chipping away at the welfare of the less lucky in the public arena.

It’s extraordinary to see Zong trying to highlight how it has offered back to the group. Bigger associations and organizations have an obligation towards the nations they work in and a race to do the most great is absolutely one we can get behind.

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