6 easy steps to change PTCL WiFi Password

Hello, guys. 

Today we will show you that how can you change your PTCL WiFi Password in 6 simple steps. 

Okay, so let’s get started. (Follow the steps correctly)

  • Open your web browser (Chrome, Opera, Firefox, IE etc.)
  • Type in the address bar “” or “” or “” (Depends on the device you are using. Follow the screenshot below to completely understand) 

change PTCL WiFi Password

  • Now a dialogue box will order tramadol with cod appear asking for username and password. Type ‘admin’ in both boxes (shown in the screenshot below)

change PTCL WiFi Password

  • Now a new window will appear. Choose Wireless from the left panel. (Screenshot showing)

change PTCL WiFi Password

  • Drop down menu will appear, select Security from there. 

change PTCL WiFi Password

  • Finally, change the password from the box highlighted in below screenshot

change PTCL WiFi Password


There you go. It’s done. Wait 90 sec to let the device get restarted and Enjoy. Thanks for reading. 


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