How to earn from Fiverr- Pakistan

How to earn from Fiverr- Pakistan

Earn From Fiverr

Earning online in Pakistan is not difficult, check out this Course and tips to earn online easily by working in your field.most of Pakistani think we can can’t earn online easily.I will tell you easy method to “How to earn from Fiverr”


Fiverr is one of the best places to earn online because it provides you platform to do anything in which you have expertise. Lot of Pakistani already Earning on Fiverr, if we talk about Rank in countries you can see here in diagram below

fiverr best service

Fiverr Ranking in Pakistan is 65 which shows lot of Pakistani already using this service and earning.

It’s like you are the owner of your own business because you can do whatever task you want and also you can set period of time before getting the order.

At the start, I have created an account on Fiverr, but after working a week, I could not get order early, I was very disappointed So I leave Fiverr for approximately 2 months. But after 2 months I started again and Got a job in 2 days with low price gigs. And today I am on Level 1 seller on Fiverr.

Fiverr Graphics Designer

How to Create an Account

How to earn from Fiverr, You can create Fiverr account absolutely free, but before creating account kindly read our precautions.

Fiverr Best Seller

  1. Open and click on Join
  2. Enter your email address (Provide email address which you are using )
  3. Fiverr will send you email confirmation
  4. Open your provided email inbox and confirm.
  5. Your account has been created

Here are some Precautions

  1. Username should be related to your work like if I am a graphic designer, then Graphics Designer will be the best username instead of your name.
    Because most of the people on Fiverr search always type field name and at search column there is also option of “ search user containing field” you can see that on diagram below
    Fiverr Buyer Request
  2. Make you profile picture looks professional.
  3. Write about your experience in about me, provide real information and remember target specific field
  4. Post Gigs related to your field.

What type of Jobs you can do?

You can do any type of jobs on Fiverr as there is no such restriction. Come up with a creative idea.

Nowadays most people doing

  1. Logo Designing
  2. Logo Mockup
  3. Logo Intro video
  4. Video Editing
  5. Product Review
  6. Social Marketing
  7. SEO
  8. Website Problem Solving
  9. Data entry
  10. Marketing videos & many other fields


When will you get your first Order?

At the start, you won’t get the job easily on Fiverr, because of too much competition and because you are new without any review on you profile.
But be calm work hard don’t be disappoint because at first everyone face difficulty.

Here are some tips you should focus

  1. use buyer requests option

Buyer Request

  1. communicate professionally
  2. Offer gigs with low price because you are new here. At first, you need some positive reviews so always offer some extra bonus free with gig it will attract buyers.
  3. Don’t accept jobs that you can’t do.
  4. Always be polite with buyers.

Things you should remember after Getting First Job

  1. Talk always politely with buyers even he is not communicating well.
  2. Buyers review matters a lot.
  3. Introduce your other service too.
  4. Ask for positive review because whenever new buyer will come in your gig he will see reviews.
  5. Positive reviews give you, more jobs

Top 5 Things You should Avoid

  1. Don’t create multiple accounts.
  2. Don’t ask for Contact numbers or Skype or Facebook i.d.
  3. Don’t Use any VPN software.
  4. Don’t Accept orders which you can’t complete.
  5. Don’t delete Gigs on which you have reviews.

My active Gigs

Fiverr Gigs

How to withdraw money in Pakistan

This is Frequently asked the question, to get money on Fiverr you need to create Payoneer account or Paypal Account.

Payoneer with fiverr

Click here to signup for Payoneer

You can transfer the Fiverr amount into your Payoneer account or PayPal.

You can use Payoneer account at ATM machine in Pakistan

Contact Me

You can ask me any question if you faced any problem.

For More tips & tricks to get order quickly

Tricks to create best Gigs

Tricks to Do 10 jobs on Fiverr in 5 minutes

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