PTCL Evo wingle packages 2022 – Enjoy High Speed Internet

PTCL Evo wingle packages 2022 – Enjoy High Speed Internet

The Internet has become the necessity of daily life now. It is difficult to survive without internet facility. The biggest and largest provider of internet facility is PTCL. They have the most users as compared to any other Internet service provider. Even better is that PTCL has now introduced PTCL Evo, which is a very fast internet, comes with USB for portability. They also now have a wingle which can be used by multiple users at once. PTCL has introduced many Evo wingle packages for their customers. Here in this post, you can find complete information about Evo Wingle Packages and prices.

PTCL Evo wingle packages 2022 - Enjoy High Speed Internet
If you have an old PTCL Evo device, then you can easily upgrade for rupees fifteen thousand. There are EVO wingle packages/ the first one gives you 10GB of data volume, at rupees 1000 for thirty days(whoVisit Sitele month). It comes in both postpaid/prepaid. Then there other two packages for 25GB and 30GB, order cialis 20mg 30 pill which cost rupees 1250 and rupees 1699 respectively. Then there is another package that gives a total of 50GB of data in RS 2000 for the entire month. In addition to the line charges, there is also a recurring charge of rupees 2100 per month for an Evo wingle package. You can avail all these packages by visiting a PTCL outlet or PTCL authorized dealer in Evo devices.

Package Data
RS 1000/month 10GB
RS 1250/month 25GB
Rs 2000/month 50GB
RS1700/month 30GB

However, to continue uninterrupted internet connectivity, there are a few terms and conditions you must follow. First of all, if you opt for post-paid, then you must pay the bill in time if you d not want your service to be terminated. For both post-paid and prepaid, you have to pay the bill upfront every month to avail the service. And you must also remember that these packages are not applicable for Evo Nitro users or Evo Tab users in any way.

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