Remember these Tips Before Getting A Domain

Remember these Tips Before Getting A Domain

Your domain has an important role in ( SEO) Search Engine Optimization.

  • Before registering a domain, there are few things you have to consider.
  • The shorter the domain, the better.
  • Your domain must contain your main keyword(s).
  • I highly recommend a .com or a .net because of SEO.
  • Make the domain easy to remember.
  • Don’t Use Confusing words like One or 1A domain like is too long, even it’s exactly right to our target, is a much better domain, or .net if the .com isn’t available because it has a short name and it’s easy to remember short names.If you are creating a website for the specific cheap cialis online usa country , for example, you want to create a website for  the UK, then you would consider getting a UK domain extension (, and if you are Pakistani and will be writing in National  language, then a Pakistani  domain extension ( will be best for you. so this mean you will get the user from, and you will be ranked according to this country.
    If you want to target worldwide traffic, then .com or .net is the best.
    GoDaddy, 1and1, offer cheap prices for domains you can also use coupons for discount.
    If you want to get coupon you can contact me too.

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