WhatsApp Introduces a Dedicated App for Businesses

Whatsapp is the application medium that has been always used as the purpose of social networking. But now it’s time to make the use of Whatsapp for the business purpose as well! Whatsapp has finally come up with the launch of the application that is meant for the business purpose only. This business version of WhatsApp will be free initially.
WhatsApp’s Chief Operating Officer Matt Idema says has come up with the statement line that we have intended to charge up the level of business in future and in this prospect, the Whatsapp application can play a vital role. It is a known fact that Whatsapp has been in use for the business for the last so many years as for where the shopkeepers are interconnecting with the several customers on their phones. But now the need has been felt for the launch of the separate business application!
This Whatsapp business application has been all designed specifically with small and medium sized enterprises in mind. All your conversations with the business partners will be fully encrypted and you can also block them if you want to. On the same side, the business persons will be able to message or get in contact with you if you will be sending them the message first.
Let’s see how much benefit this app will be provided to the business holders!


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